aerial drone photography for Local business marketing

Aerial photography showcases your business in new and unique ways. Dazzle your customers with 4K drone video in your social media and YouTube video.

Promote Your Business With Aerial Photography

The use of professional drone photography in local business marketing is still in its infancy.  Most small to medium size business owners (SMBs) have never thought about or felt it might be too expensive to use drone photography to showcase their business.

5 Reasons to Consider Drone Photography for Your Business:

  1. Helps Your Business Stand Out From the Competition
  2. It’s Safer and Less Expensive Than Hiring a Helicopter Pilot
  3. It’s The Fastest Way to Get Aerial Footage
  4. It Gives Your Customers a Unique View of Your Business & Surrounding Community
  5. Video Marketing for Local Business is Booming

The fact is, a series of very simple drone shots can showcase your business in new and exciting ways; making your business stand out from the competitive landscape.  Drone footage can also be incorporated into your social media strategy and YouTube channel.  And we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be beyond your budget!

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Use Drone Photography to Highlight Adjacent Landmarks

Unlike the way Google maps can showcase your business location from above, the use of “localized” drone footage in promotional content often gives people a “real-time” Birdseye view of not only your physical business but also the surrounding community.  Using drone video enables you to point out local familiar landmarks that give people who want to visit your business an excellent perspective of where you are when they decide to visit you in person.

If you haven’t already thought about incorporating the power of drone photography in your business commercials or social media strategy think again.  Drone photography is where it’s all headed and you could be there in front of the wave, leaving your competitors in the dust.

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*The use of drones at outdoor locations may require advance approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and/or local Air Traffic Control (ATC). It is advisable to book drone services for outdoor events as far in advance as possible.

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