Commercial drone Inspections

Aerial inspection services for bridges, power lines, cell towers and solar panels. Safe and cost-effective drone inspection solutions for your business.

commercial drone Inspections

Professional commercial and industrial contractors are using UAVs or drones to augment internal risk management protocols to cost effectively capture a variety of project assets. Aerial photography enables contractors to quickly and conveniently access hard to reach or high risk areas, provide cost effective aerial imagery for documentation, planning and development and provide an additional level of safety for their staff and technicians.

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Hazmat incidents are among the most dangerous and complex disasters any public service agency may face. The dynamic range of factors to consider involve the type of chemicals, cause of the dangers and environmental impact to people and first responders. 

First responders must wear highly protective suits that prevent exposure to the myriad of poisonous biochemicals while communication is oftentimes, at best, via radio as there’s seldom any first-person visuals available during one of these events.

Enter drones.  Very few would argue that drones aren’t a game-changer in these applications.  The speed at which drones can be put into play, providing remote hazmat monitoring or, assisting in the search and rescue of human lives - all while protecting the first responders from harm's way - makes the use of this technology an indispensable asset.  


The use of drones to capture aerial footage and monitor the progress of bridges under construction and/or repair is a growing segment of the US Transportation industry’s commitment to reface America’s transportation heritage.   

The ability to easily dispatch drones in lieu of a human rappelling crew is only one of the many elements that make the use of drones so attractive. Ultimately, it’s a combination of factors including the ease of dispatching as well as the safety elements and relatively low cost of operations that make drones the perfect resource for bridge surveillance and inspection applications across the globe.

Power Lines

As with bridges, the use of UAS to inspect and maintain above-ground power lines is a true asset to the national utility industry.  Many of the same attractive elements that make the use of drones so appealing with bridge inspections fall into similar categories when it comes to the use of UAS and power-lines. From the speed of dispatch to the safety measures of crew-less inspection, fully automated drone applications take the headache out of power-line inspections.  

Wind Turbines, TV & Cell Towers, Pipelines and Solar Panels

Significant opportunities exist within these industrial subcategories. The use of drones for Cell Towers, Wind Turbines, TV Towers, Pipelines, and Solar Panels are an ever-growing segment of Commercial inspection services and represent > $4B of the US economy.

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