Top Drone Software Features for Efficient Construction Projects

Construction site orthomosaic

I love introducing prospective clients to the benefits of advanced drone software for commercial construction and seeing their excitement as they realize its potential for their projects. There’s a spark in their eyes when they understand how helpful drones can be, and you can see their minds racing with all the potential benefits.

Drone software for construction progress monitoring is advancing as fast as, if not faster than, drone technology itself. Project managers who leverage leading drone software can significantly enhance their project management and efficiency across all phases of construction: pre-construction, construction, and post-construction.

Why Hire a Drone Service Provider Using Advanced Drone Software?

Advanced drone software is revolutionizing construction progress monitoring with its sophisticated capabilities. Here are five key features that project managers can utilize to better manage ongoing construction projects through all three phases:

Enhanced Data Accuracy and Detail

Pre-construction: During the initial phase, drone software helps in generating inch-accurate topographical surveys and 3D models of the site. This precise data is crucial for site planning and assessing site conditions before breaking ground.

Construction: As the project progresses, drones capture high-resolution imagery to document key structural elements and track daily progress. This ensures that every detail is accurately recorded and monitored.

Orthomosaic of Commercial Construction Site
Orthomosaics are Invaluable Tools for Construction Project Managers

Post-Construction: At the project’s conclusion, drone software provides detailed documentation of the completed structure, including as-built 3D models that reflect the final state of the project for handover to clients and stakeholders.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings

Pre-construction: Automated site surveys and volumetric measurements of stockpiles and earthworks reduce the need for time-consuming manual labor. This accelerates the site preparation phase and optimizes resource allocation.

Construction: During the build, regular drone flights streamline progress monitoring, allowing for real-time adjustments and minimizing delays. This reduces costs associated with project overruns and labor inefficiencies.

Post-Construction: Efficient final inspections and comprehensive documentation ensure a smooth handover process, saving time and reducing costs related to post-project corrections and adjustments.

Real-Time Progress Monitoring

Pre-construction: Drone progress monitoring can be done weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the project’s needs. Initial site assessments and planning can be continuously updated with real-time data from regular drone flights, ensuring that any changes in site conditions are promptly addressed.

Construction site stockpile measurements
Drone processing software can easily assist project managers measure site inventory

Construction: Throughout the construction phase, advanced drone software enables frequent and consistent monitoring, providing real-time updates and progress reports. Stockpile measurements and materials inventory are easy to measure and share with internal teams responsible for monitoring and re-ordering important equipment and supplies. This helps project managers quickly identify and rectify issues, ensuring the project remains on schedule.

Post-Construction: After construction is complete, real-time data from drones can be used to verify that all aspects of the project meet the required specifications, ensuring quality and completeness.

Enhanced Safety for Company Personnel

Pre-construction: Drones can safely survey potentially hazardous areas of the site, identifying risks before construction begins and helping to plan safer workflows.

Construction: During the build, drones reduce the need for personnel to access dangerous or hard-to-reach areas for inspections, which are typically done using scaffolding, swing stages, man lifts, or bucket trucks. This minimizes the risk of accidents and enhances overall site safety.

crew on scaffolding inspecting building facade
Construction crews take significant risks to inspect building exteriors on scaffolding inspecting building facades.

Post-Construction: Final inspections using drones can safely document the condition of elevated or hazardous areas, ensuring thorough safety assessments without exposing workers to risks.

Better Stakeholder Communication and Collaboration

Pre-construction: High-resolution images and 3D models created during the planning phase can be shared with all stakeholders to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the project scope and site conditions from the outset.

Construction: Regularly updated progress reports, including orthomosaic maps and 3D models, enhance communication among project teams and stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is informed and aligned throughout the build.

Engineer Working on Construction Plans on Computer
Architects and Engineers Use a Variety of Software Applications to Manage Commercial Construction Projects

Post-Construction: Detailed final reports and visual documentation facilitate effective communication during the project handover, ensuring that clients and stakeholders have a comprehensive understanding of the completed work.

Here are three case studies highlighting the success of commercial construction companies using drone data collection software like DroneDeploy:

McCarthy Building Companies

McCarthy Building Companies, a leading construction firm, has significantly benefited from integrating drones into their project workflows. By using drone data, they improved communication on-site and with stakeholders, keeping projects on track and under budget. Ryan Moret, Field Solutions Manager at McCarthy, emphasized that drones provide valuable aerial insights that improve progress tracking and help catch problems early, preventing costly delays. McCarthy Building Companies Case Study

Brasfield & Gorrie General Contractors

Brasfield & Gorrie, one of the largest privately held construction firms in the U.S., implemented drones to enhance their operational efficiency. They reported a dramatic reduction in the time and cost associated with traditional surveying methods. Hunter Cole from Brasfield & Gorrie noted that using drones reduced a process that typically took 2-3 weeks and tens of thousands of dollars to just 1-4 days with minimal investment in equipment and software. The Rise of Drones in Construction

Chasco Constructors

Chasco Constructors leveraged drones to monitor progress across 17 job sites in Texas. This approach allowed them to track the construction process more efficiently, ensuring timely completion and adherence to project specifications. The integration of drone technology helped Chasco save time and resources, highlighting the practical benefits of real-time aerial data in large-scale construction management. Chasco Case Study

These case studies illustrate how leading construction companies are successfully using drone project analysis software to improve project management, enhance safety, and achieve significant cost and time savings.


By hiring a drone service provider that uses advanced drone software, you’ll be leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance data accuracy, improve efficiency, ensure safety, and foster better communication throughout all phases of construction. Let us help you take your construction project management to the next level with our comprehensive drone services. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can support your project with our advanced drone solutions.

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