5 Benefits of Multi-Drone Availability from Your Drone Service Provider

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From mini drones that are smaller than your phone to larger, beefier quadcopters, different drones have different flight characteristics, and because of their size, some of them might be unsuitable in certain situations. Therefore, drone service providers know having a fleet of multiple drones is best to get the job done right. The first time.

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Drone Service Provider UAS Fleet

Reason number one: Accidents happen.

Good drone service providers prepare for the unexpected and anticipate hazards like trees, power lines, birds, air traffic, wind speeds, weather conditions, construction hazards, and the like.

But even the most skilled, experienced, and cautious drone pilots have dealt with simply being human, and human error, in a split second, could cause the well-prepped drone they brought on-site to suddenly not operate.

Or a gust of wind, angry birds (not the cute ones, think sniper seagull or Incredible Hulk Hawk), or even a solar flare can wreak havoc on drone technology. So that’s why it’s always good to have a backup! Just in case.Image of Pexels Photo

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Drone Service Provider Airborne UAS

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Drone Service Provider UAS Silhouette

Reason number two: Technical difficulties happen.

Comparable to the reason stated above, not only are people imperfect so is technology. Firmware updates, corrupted SD cards, a gimbal that decides to suddenly not rotate properly, props that may not cooperate, dust particles or water particles, or for whatever reason a bug, literal or virtual, appears and a trusty drone can just simply decide not to work. So before a drone service provider is tempted to open up their drone and start trying to fix it and thereby void the warranty from the manufacturer and spend precious time trying to troubleshoot, drone pilots can simply use their secondary backup drone instead until they can get their primary drone sent in for repairs by the experts.

Then there’s the backup option if you need it in case one is already down for repair.

Reason number three: It’s better to have more footage than you need than not enough.

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Drone Service Provider UAS Over Field

Picture the scenario: Drone service providers often drive for miles and many hours to a remote shoot location and after the end of a long day once they have returned home realizes they’ve missed several crucial pieces of footage the client needed. Or, as was mentioned in the previously listed reasons, the only equipment brought failed so they couldn’t get all the footage that was needed. Either way, it requires another day’s worth of work and more time and expense. This problem could’ve been solved with two different drones for the same mission.

Reason number four: Kill one bird with two stones.

Not exactly how the saying goes. Also, it’s not my favorite expression because I love birds and especially drone “birds”. And I don’t kill birds. Not even then the vengeful ones that dive-bomb and attack friendly drones. But the point is: that the task will be accomplished more efficiently, thoroughly, and faster because your drone service provider arrived with more than enough gear to get the job done. I don’t always say always…but…Always have a backup; always have a backup plan if you run into an issue; and always have a backup cord and so on.

And this brings me to my last reason…

Reason number five: More than one tool for more than one application to get the job done.

Each mission is different. One might require basic listing shots for a realtor’s residential home listing. Another might require mapping and/or surveying of a roof for a commercial building for a 2D ortho map. Or maybe a combination. So these require different applications and different drones that work with those applications.  Drone service providers believe in being fully equipped means being ready to get any required job done.

The climate is a factor as well.  Because some drones perform better in poorer weather conditions such as light rain, heat, cold, and higher wind speeds.

So, no matter how you slice it, no single drone is the best platform for all occasions, and depending on what we need from them in terms of imagery and operations, having multiple drones allows you to cover more bases as well as have a backup.

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UAS Hovering Near Building

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Drone Service Provider Construction Drone

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Quadcopter Drone in Flight

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UAS at Dusk

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